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wireless switch, IR remote control switch, smart home switch

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Oulu Intellgient Electric CO., LTD

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1.Have you ever wanted a light switch that just through single one you can achieve to control the illumination throughout your house? Now OULU New Stylish wireless intelligent wall switch has come to the rescue!

2.Have you ever been disturbed with some trifles? Eg. Rushing off to work in the morning, you forgot to turn off the lights. OULU intelligent wall switch solves problem of needless appliance energy waste for you.

3.Before sleeping, have you ever desired to confirm whether all lights switched off yet fast and efficiently in your home, rather than checking the illumination status one by one? OULU intelligent wall switch help you realize your dream.

4.OULUswitch is super convenient for the elderly.

5.Have you ever took much trouble to locate the wall switch in the darkness? Have you ever tended to turn on the light in advance, before entering the room? Have you ever……OULU intelligent wall switch enhance the quality of your life and it’s the truly smart choice! Get your new intelligent switch now.

supply volt:AC 150V~240V
rated power:max 500W
relative humidity:<70%
ambient temperature:-10°c~50°c
control:mutual/multi control

Detailed Benifits
1.Mutual control among switches that single one manages to control up to 27 ways of lighting.

2.Every relevant switch touch panel indicates all connected illumination current status simultaneously.

3.Multi-operation: with the s/soft touch on the panel or RF remote controller.

4.Remote Control Distance:≤ 15M indoor. Within a reliable distance, the wireless signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.

5.Press the OFF key can switch on/off connected lights all in illumination.

6.Additional lock system: Press the locking key to activate "Do Not Disturb" feature. It means the switch you operated could get rid of mutual-control with other switches to prevent it from being influenced by the others.

7.Automatically cut off power, in the event of outage. There will be altering voice, when power supply resumed.

8.Buttons with light-on feature, so switch can be visible in the darkness.

9.Press remind function. It can be canceled.

10.Equipped with lightning protection module.

11.Memory storage: internal 2C memory. This means whatever level you had them set at when you turned them off, they will remember this and automatically turn back on up to that last level.

12.In the case of operational failure, there'll be a voice reminder.

13.Color options: Golden, Silver, Black.

14.Easy, speedy installation. Works like a normal switch.

15.Customize color of panel and key/ names, as well color according to customer's demand.




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